Our Story

We use organic and natural ingredients sourced from our Tribal Land. Our Ancestors' skincare secrets and wisdom in nature taught us how to nurture and beautify. The acorn’s use in Native/Indigenous medicine dates back over 14,000 years. Our acorn is difficult to source and is only harvested once a year.

As the First People of the Western continent, Luiseño Payómkawichum people speak the language of our Plant Ancestors. We understand that acorn (kwíila) oil is the blood (life-force) of the mighty oak. We use this potent ingredient as a source of power for our skin, which infuses our spirit making us shine like stars. 

We embrace the Native American belief that we can celebrate each other for our uniqueness.

This is our strength.


Our founder Ruth-Ann Thorn's tribe Elders introduced her to the botanicals and natural ingredients used in ancient times. They taught her Mother Earth’s natural approach to skincare. Most importantly, they shared with her the secret potency of our mighty ancestor, the acorn (kwíila)–– the best ingredient with the best nutrients for skin regeneration.

Her tribes’ skincare philosophy is derived from the idea that Mother Earth’s gifts allow us to enhance beauty, renew skin tone, and most importantly bring balance to the spirit. 

Ruth-Ann is a registered tribal member of the Rincon Band of Luiseño/ Payómkawichum Indians in Southern California and currently resides on the reservation.